The Rosery School

Admission to the school is open to all on the basis restricted by certain rules and regulations and by conditions of age, ability, conduct and entrance test.

No admission is complete until the Leaving Certificate from the last recognized school is produced and countersigned by the Educational Inspector of the state, if the pupil comes from another state.

The Principal reserves the right to refuse any application without having to assign reasons for her decision.

No Leaving Certificate will be issued unless applied for by the parent or guardian in writing and all the dues have been paid.Fees are due as long as the pupils name remains on the roll.

Application for Transfer Certificate must be given in writing by the parent, with all the necessary information.

Irregular attendence, habitual idleness, disobedience unsatisfactory progress in academics, defiance of authority or conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for dismissal from the school.

Students are responsible to the school authorities fortheir conduct both in and outside the school. Hence misbehaviour in public streets and inconvenience is liable to the same action.

Misbehaviour oof parents is sufficient reason for dismissal and removal of the students from school.